The food industry is rapidly growing, be it ingredients for ready to eat meals or be it finished bakery and sweets products, there is always something new popping up and this time around it’s ‘Bread-O-Clock’ a bakery shop that is open 24×7 to satisfy all the hunger cravings one could have.

Located in Gurugram, Bread O’Clock is a premium upmarket bakery that offers a variety of baked goods and delicacies while specialising in sourdoughs and butter croissants.

Bread O’Clock is situated inside the RoundUp Marketplace which is a 24×7 supermarket. The company’s origins are in the twin cities of Delhi and Gurugram but they are rapidly growing across India and becoming a one of a kind retail chain.

RoundUp Marketplace was created by Ishaan and Mahesh Marwah. They had a vision of revamping the way people shop for their regular day to day needs and now their vision is capturing a lot of attention across the Indian subcontinent.

RoundUp Marketplace has a lot of unique features that would otherwise be difficult to find, having an in-house 24×7 bakery is one of them. The marketplace also has a designated sitting area for people to just relax after a tiring shopping spree and maybe get their hands on Bread O’Clock’s famous coffee and butter croissants along with other sweet treats.

The people of Gurugram have already been hooked onto this new and unique shopping place and it’s only a matter of time before RoundUp Marketplace opens franchises across India.

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