To make fixing Pixel phones easier, Google has released updated repair guides in both English and French in addition to a new app called Pixel Diagnostic.

With the help of the Pixel Diagnostic App, owners can check if their Pixel is working properly after a repair as well as test it for problems both before and after. By dialling *#*#7287#*#*, you can start the app from the Pixel Phone app, but before you do, make sure your smartphone is online.

Use the new Repair Mode for Pixels to safeguard your data and keep others from accessing it while your Pixel is being repaired, should you need to send it in for maintenance. Simply turn it on before giving the technician your phone to fix, then turn it off again once it’s back.

Additionally, Google has updated repair guides for the Pixel to make repairs simpler if you choose to fix it yourself. There are French and English versions of the manuals. Additionally, Google announced that regardless of the Pixels’ warranty status, it has collaborated with independent repair companies like uBreakiFix to offer support for the devices at more than 700 sites in the US.

In addition, the massive internet search engine revealed that repair fixtures and equipment from Shyft Global Services are now available to enhance the repairability of devices. Additionally, Google and iFixit have a cooperation providing authentic replacement parts for Google products.

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