Mohammad Moghadasi is the owner of one of the most well-known brands in finance market, Z Burse Krypto. International coal manufacturing company, clothing, construction material, and many other businesses are managed by Mr. Moghadasi. He mainly works on online startups and runs two offices in UAE and Turkey aiming at finance markets such as Forex. In this essay, Moghadasi tells how a co-founder affect our business.   

Traditional wisdom says you should have a co-founder when starting a new trade. There are three principal benefits to having a co-founder:

Getting funding becomes less uncomplicated. Many venture capitalist investors believe it works regardless of whether multiple entrepreneurs contribute to a company’s success or not. You have the emotional support of your company. Moghadasi says: “Running a business is a stressful, thrilling, and exceptional experience. If you hang the emotional roller coaster by yourself, you will not have a person to accompany you to celebrate during the ups and hold you to survive the downs. A co-founder understands what you are going through and helps you feel less alone.” He added: “They can employ different skills, experiences, and associations. Maybe you are adept at selling, while your co-founder is more technical.” You might have got many relationships, and they have started an enterprise before. Picking a co-founder with a favorable resume is a perfect way to glorify your odds of success.

Mohammad Moghadasi states, “But there are also disadvantages to having a co-founder. Conflict is sometimes inevitable. You and your fellow willy-nilly come to a disagreement. A little healthy argument is productive; however, if you do not find a solution quickly, you may waste a lot of valuable time and energy. What is more, you might hurt your team’s morale.” You have to divide the equity. If you are the sole owner of your business, you start with 100% equity. But you will distribute that equity when you hire more people over time and receive funding, whereas you will likely give 0.005% to 35% to a single entity, based on who they are. You automatically give up 40-60% of your company in a single swoop in case you have a co-founder.

He concludes that finding a helpful one is never easy. Sharing your business with someone who has the same business values, work routines, and complementary character can be complicated. Furthermore, they must believe in your vision, apply the right skills, and have a passion for being your co-founder in the first place.

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