Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia has had quite an exciting ride on Bigg Boss 16, from being named the first captain of Bigg Boss 16 shortly after entering the house, going through a difficult emotional period, becoming friends with Shiv Thakare and mandali, to being the last captain of the house. She is the most recent contestant to leave the reality show. A portion of the audience was let inside the house where they cast their votes for their preferred competitors. Nimrit was eliminated because she received the fewest votes. The actress is genuinely shocked because she wasn’t expecting it.

It came out of the blue, she says. Nobody anticipated it. We had fought so hard and given it our all for so many weeks, so it was a nerve-wracking situation to be in, especially knowing that we would be eliminated in the middle of the week just seven days before the finals. Sincerely, I would have been disappointed if the pan-India voting had resulted in my elimination. I don’t have much to say, though, given the circumstances. A live audience that was chosen through the OTT app participated in three rounds and cast their votes for their favourites. The first round focused on discussing our trip and why we should go to the finals. The second round discussed our competitors, and the third round was meant to be entertaining.

The reality-show participant who played Choti Sarrdaarni thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. It is nothing less than a dream run and is incredibly lovely, she says. You continuously feel as though you are being watched through the smallest of aspects while you are indoors for such a long time and surrounded by individuals with different perspectives. I’m quite relieved that I never compromised who I am as a person or chose to act in a way that would violate my morals. So, I’m quite proud of who I am and where I’ve come from. In front of the entire country, this is as open and vulnerable as I could have been without worrying about how people would react.

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