Dan Martin Paul is one of the most widely popular fitness influencers not just in Canada but across the globe. He promotes a healthy lifestyle and has helped numerous people turn their lives around for the better.

Apart from being an influencer and a fitness trainer, Dan is also an entrepreneur and the owner of the fitness clothing brand DMP Fitness. Just recently, he released the newest logo for DMP Fitness and it is the perfect iteration of his thoughts and ideals. A firm believer that we must always be ready for any situation be it physical or mental, Dan’s mantra is #AlwaysReadyForIt and it can be seen on the logo as well.

Dan preaches his belief in always being ready to many people across the globe and believes that every single person that he helps takes him one step closer to his goal. He has big plans to take DMP Fitness to the next level in 2022 as well.

Dan is one of the most loved and popular fitness influencers across Canada. His Instagram page is a source of motivation to countless people and it gives people a sneak into his healthy and balanced lifestyle. Be it work commitments or spending time with his family, Dan ensures that he has balance across his life.

Dan has been in the fitness industry for over a decade and has had a crazy transformation himself, from being skinny to having a perfect physique.

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