He has risen to fame with his outstanding performance on the football turf, backed by his winning streak.

The hot topic of debate amongst sports enthusiasts has always been which is the most popular sport in the world? There might be varied opinions about their choices but one sport that is undoubtedly known and loved by a global audience is football, without any second thoughts, which has gained immense popularity, and its reach is not limited to a particular area, but expands worldwide. The game has connected every single human being on the planet, no doubt people are crazy about this sport across continents. None of the world’s sports can match up to the passion and hysteria that is observed in football fans, which is a global phenomenon. Along with the popularity of the sport, comes the popularity of it’s players, especially those who have emerged to become football stars. These privileged ones enjoy all the adulation from fans which seems crazy, but one has to see it themselves to believe it. We have seen many soccer stars in the past who have swept fans off their feet with their spectacular performances in every match they played. From time, we have been introduced to such talents who have taken over the football turf with vengeance, and today, we bring to you one such present day sensation who has created much uproar owing to his football playing skills, he is Jonquall Carrothers.

This player can be listed amongst the best football players of all time without any doubts. He’s already become Cumberland’s best player and is getting rave reviews for his outstanding playing techniques and skills. Such has been his performance that he has been featured on CNN, which is indeed a big achievement for a player who doesn’t have years of playing experience behind him. One can view his featured content, which is a special report from CNN titled ‘America On Hold: We All Have a Story’ covered by Demetrius Pipkin. The reason for him getting noticed and even getting featured in such a prestigious media channel is that he finished his final season of collegiate football for the Phoenix, ranking second on the team with 52 total tackles. Furthermore, he earned Mid-South Conference Defensive Player of the Week honors on September 16th, 2020. There were many such instances while in the game where he proved that he’s truly a winner without a saying.

His popularity has been on a high, and he’s determined enough to take giant steps towards creating a much better future by excelling in the game of football.

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