Samsung brought premium features like active noise cancellation (ANC) to its entry-level headphones with the release of the Galaxy Buds 2 last year while maintaining the Galaxy Buds+’s $150 price tag. If that is still too much money, you can get a pair from Amazon for just $95, which is a savings of $55, or 37%.

Due to a number of significant enhancements, the Galaxy Buds 2 received a solid 84 from Engadget Review. The most significant is the addition of ANC and a mode for adjusting ambient sounds. Even though the ANC doesn’t block outside sounds as well as more expensive earbuds do, it’s still a big improvement over passive noise cancellation. They also have better sound quality, with a lot of base and sound that’s balanced. EQ presets and the ability to control features with the Galaxy Watch 4 are also included.

They are the company’s smallest and most comfortable earbuds to date, being 15% smaller and 20% lighter than the Galaxy Buds+. The case holds an additional three full charges and supports Qi wireless charging in addition to the 5 hours of battery life (with ANC enabled). AI that reduces background noise contributes to excellent call quality.

The Galaxy Buds 2 is a great buy thanks to all of these features, especially at the $95 sale price, which is just above the all-time low. However, iPhone users will probably want to look elsewhere because they are made to work best with Android devices.

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