Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham’s Pathaan has kept breaking box office records. In just two days, the movie made more than Rs. 200 crore worldwide. Analysts say that it is destined to create new box office records as Pathaan day 3 box office collection arrives. The success of Pathaan assumes significance in light of the sustained campaign to boycott Shah Rukh’s film. Among those supporting the boycott of the film were powerful BJP leaders. It was in this context that the rare praise for Pathaan by pro-BJP Kangana Ranaut left many stunned. However, the controversial actor returned to her usual self as she launched a Twitter rant targetting the Shah Rukh Khan film.

Kangana’s praise for Pathaan left many BJP sympathisers surprised. This led many people to refer to her as a “chameleon.” One BJP supporter wrote sarcastically, “Hindu Sherni” Kangana Ranaut is seen promoting Pathaan. Congrats to her supporters in RW.”

Pathaan continues to dominate the box office in the meantime. In Kashmir, a well-known theatre owner had put up a sign saying “houseful” to signal the valley’s expanding Shah Rukh fandom.

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