In November 2022, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, and the web version hasn’t looked back since. They have limited opportunities to enter the Indian market, though, as the vast majority of people there only use smartphones and don’t have access to desktop computers. In India, 78.02% of traffic is generated by mobile users as opposed to 21.39% by desktop users, according to similarweb statistics.

OpenAI launched ChatGPT for the iOS Apple App store in May 2023. Although this action was great, it still posed a problem for India, where the vast majority of consumers do not buy iPhones primarily because of their high cost. In India, the mobile operating system industry was dominated by Android, which held a share of 95.26%, according to Statista. Apple’s iOS was far behind with a market share of 3.92% in 2022.

With the app having received an incredible 1 million downloads in just 24 hours of release, OpenAI’s choice to make this cutting-edge language model available on the Google Android Play Store has opened up a world of opportunities for its million users in India.

ChatGPT has a lot to gain from the potential of reaching and serving such a sizable user base in India.

With its introduction in India, ChatGPT has made a huge step toward reaching a new user base with unique demands and interests. It would be able to discover areas for improvement and fine-tune the AI’s responses to be more contextually relevant and culturally sensitive with the help of feedback from Indian users.

There isn’t a single national language mentioned in the Indian Constitution, despite the country’s reputation for cultural diversity and linguistic richness. One discovers a remarkable variety of languages being spoken here as they travel the country. ChatGPT can improve its multilingual skills by interacting with people who speak different languages and picking up on distinct linguistic patterns.

Moreover, India’s geographical expanse gives rise to diverse cultural practices. From the enchanting landscapes of Kashmir to the southern tip of Kanyakumari and the vibrant cultures of West Bengal to the traditions of Gujarat, each region boasts distinct habits and customs. Understanding the nuances of Indian culture and customs can help ChatGPT provide more contextually relevant and culturally appropriate responses, enhancing user experience.

Access to genuine content

There is a wealth of information that is passed verbally from generation to generation that is not available in books or on the internet. For instance, knowledge transmission is crucial among rural farming groups. Farmers share a wealth of knowledge that is firmly entrenched in their cultural past and tailored to the unique geographic and climatic conditions of their localities.

They will impart their language-specific expertise to ChatGPT as they converse with it in their own tongue, expanding its training data set. Additionally, farmers can communicate with ChatGPT to ask questions, seek guidance, and discover more about contemporary farming techniques. ChatGPT would be better able to comprehend the particular demands and concerns of Indian farmers thanks to this cooperative approach.

Soon, ChatGPT will resemble a global library with a wealth of information from all over the world. Indians’ distinctive prompt entries will cause ChatGPT to produce fresh content, which will then transform into its own data collection.

Possibility of becoming a popular app

It’s a fantastic chance for ChatGPT to rank among the most downloaded and well-liked apps on the Google Play Store. Currently, WhatsApp and Instagram from Meta are in the top two spots. Given that ChaGPT gives you the precise information you request without navigating to many web pages, Google Search’s usage can decline.

ChatGPT will provide convenience and flexibility due to its mobile compatibility, and its straightforward user interface guarantees a positive user experience. Notably, voice prompts now allow users to engage with the software, which adds another level of ease. Because Google Bard, its main rival, hasn’t yet released an Android app, ChatGPT has a strong first-mover advantage.

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