Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: The Journey of a Banker Becoming a Celebrity Chef

Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: The Journey of a Banker Becoming a Celebrity Chef

Knowing food is one thing, loving it is another; & Chef Faisal just does that with his exceptional skills.

They say when you fall in love with something, the only thing that you feel, see, hear around you is nothing but that one thing. This could be called true in the case of Chef Faisal, who eats, sleeps, and repeats everything related to the food business. The Chef from Bahrain changed his path in life as soon as he realised his true love for food & his desire to do something big in the business, even after already having a well=paid job at a bank. Even after being a recipient of several degrees & certificates, all his heart ever wanted was just to be a part of something that could make him closer to food. And, that’s what he did. The proof is that today he proudly calls himself a part of the World Master chefs society & also is the founder of Chef Faisal Consultancy which is a pro consultancy service by him that offers guidance & support to other many other restaurants in Bahrain & KSA.

To make many chefs professional at their cooking jobs, Chef Faisal trains all of them under him & gives them a purpose in life to fulfill their dreams in the food business. It was his passion that led him to study various courses from esteemed universities in England & Italy. Talking about his journey, the Chef says that at the beginning he had no clue what his journey would be like, but taking the right steps in the right directions, made him take the right decisions in life & helped him reach where he always wanted to. He proudly says that he has always followed his heart. Even while he was on the verge of getting a promotion in his already well-paid job as a banker, he decided to take the big leap & listen to the call of his passion. He realised that he would be more interested in helping food enthusiasts for their passion rather than helping others for money.

Today, Chef Faisal already has over 100 consultancies in Bahrain & Saudi Arabia for helping multiple establishments, to help them prosper in their business. If this is the speed with which Chef Faisal is going through his journey, nobody can stop him & we only expect more reforms in the food business through his consultancies.

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