David Roberts, a standout professional race car driver, competed in some of the world’s most competitive racing competitions, such as the 2016 Radical Cup champion, the 2018 Pirelli World Challenge, and the Champion 24 Hour Series. He used his racing experience to channel the same winning mentality and spirit to start a new journey. This time in MMA, Roberts is now a professional fighter. In his combined seven professional combat matches, he remains undefeated. He is known for his power, as all his victories have come in the first round itself. He currently holds a professional record of 3-0 in his boxing matches and 4-0 in his MMA matches. He has a reliable support team behind him that ensures that his training schedule and other day-to-day affairs related to his fighting career are maintained in top form. “The champion you see is because of my team, which is the pillar of my strength. My team and I work hard behind the scenes,” says Roberts.

This year, Roberts looks to make his Bellator debut. As he tirelessly trains and is determined to make significant steps in 2021. It is fascinating to note how the rest of his career will continue to be characterized by grit and determination. MMA fans, specifically Armenians worldwide, cannot wait to see Roberts competing in one of the world’s top MMA promotions, Bellator MMA. Besides the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Bellator MMA carries some of the most talented fighters globally, and to see Roberts competing in there would be a breath of fresh air for Armenian’s all around the world.

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