Even if you’ve never used this platform or are just starting to use it and the results aren’t coming in, it’s important that you have specific goals in mind to achieve. This way the content you produce can be focused on achieving them and will look more consistent in the eyes of followers. Usually companies use Instagram to showcase their product or service, build a community, increase brand awareness, tell the story of the company and its values, increase brand loyalty and share news and updates.

We asked to one of the most promising Social Media Expert , Liran Mizrahi, how you can reach your goals if you’re on the social media industry.

It is very important to choose one or two goals to pursue, to do so it can be helpful to answer these questions:

  • Why am I using Instagram?
  • How can Instagram help me achieve my marketing goals?
  • How much time and budget should I invest in Instagram?
  • What does Instagram offer me differently than other social networks?

Your goals, which will help you not only target the right audience but also create good, relevant content. This is very important because it affects everything you do on Instagram.

Choose 1-2 goals from these:

  • Promote products or services (even sell on Instagram)
  • Build new relationships
  • Show the behind-the-scenes look of the company
  • Introduce the company’s staff
  • Represent the more informal and fun side of the business

The creative opportunities and visual aspects of Instagram if you strategically use stories to show the personality and faces behind your brand, can be especially powerful for highly visual businesses and a great way to creatively engage customers and employees, reach out to your prospects and build relationships with them.

Once you’ve defined your goals and metrics for evaluating achievable results, it becomes important to understand what audience you want to target.

The main focus of marketing is to communicate the right message to your audience right when they want it, and knowing the demographics of the user using a platform is central to understanding whether you’re reaching your target audience.  That’s why we recommend starting by defining your buyer persona right away.

Once you’ve defined your goals and determined how effective Instagram is for your target audience, you can get into the thick of your strategy:

  • Optimizing your profile
  • Creating an editorial plan
  • Defining the timing
  • Measuring returns

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