Deshae Maitland and his nurtured brand Dynasty Events are making a buzz in the event market of Toronto.
Stepping into the market and marking your position with a tag of renowned brand of your field is not that easy as it seems. It needs Experience and patience altogether. Setting up your own business is not just a matter of arranging funds and resources but it also needs some intangible assets which are experiences, goodwill, and brains. Deshae Maitland is a combination of it altogether.

Starting from the age of 15, Deshae was brainy and mature enough to decide what he wants to pursue for the rest of his life. Where he sees himself after a few years of growth was already in the head of this young kid of 15. To decide in advance that he wanted to further make his career in events, he started working in the nightlife businesses. To gain knowledge and build contacts, he worked hard from a very young age, or I would say from his teenage. This is enough to comment about a person’s success that how passionate he was since his childhood just to make his dream job come true.

Dynasty events, the self-nurtured baby of Deshae Maitland, is one of the popular event management companies in Toronto. Today, Dynasty events have a different set of an image in the event industry and this all happened because of his hard work and never-ending faith in himself. His experiences are quite motivating for the ones who know him and also for the ones who are going to read this. This journey of Mr. Maitland not only inspires people who tend to work or grow in the field of events and hospitality but also teaches how and what path to choose. It was his time that things were quite difficult for the newcomers, but in today’s era, people are well acquainted with major facts and findings of every other industry.

Deshae’s dynasty is a 2-time award winner for the title ‘Best New Generation Promoter’ at Toronto Nightclub events. His excellence is shown through the level of clients he gets to deal with. Working with and for the celebrities of your origin is a big-time opportunity for your brand. Deshae got to work with Baka Not Nice, Hawk XO, AR Paisley, Brad Sousa, Nadia Stone, and DJ Charlie B and provided them with his company’s immense services.
It takes a lot of pleasure to write for a person like Deshae as his grounded nature makes him the man of golden heart. He not only works with celebrities or big shots but also students from universities. To give them a good time at the event or be it providing them with internships or jobs for the extra pocket money, Mr. Maitland has kept his step in each and everybody’s heart.

Keeping up with the latest trends and providing wonderful party moments to his target audience is what Dynasty events promise. His level of success and market standing talks about his hard work even in the present times. Starting from acing events to knowing their audience and to giving them the best of their life moments, Deshae Maitland with his Dynasty events is on top.

Contact info:
Instagram: DeshaeMaitland; DynastyAffair
Facebook: DeshaeMaitland

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