The sheath is making a comeback in the world of lingerie in order to build dreamy silhouettes, the time of a race or an evening. Today, it is a real relief for curvy women, new mothers, and even those going through menopause. However, brands offer shaping lingerie in different shapes and satisfying various needs. Which makes the choice more and more difficult. So we present to you the shaping thong bodysuit that could just be what you have always been looking for best shapewear for women


The shaping underwear is responsible for sculpting your figure and making it appear slimmer and without imperfections. The shaping bodysuit is part of the all-in-one sculpting lingerie that helps highlight the bust and waist. It conceals the bulges and visually refines the silhouette. It is therefore a boon for women in the postpartum period, who need to feel good about themselves again.


It happens that below certain models, the sculpting body is not very discreet. This is why we offer you the shaping thong bodysuit that goes incognito under tight-fitting evening dresses, tight jeans, latex skirts, etc. The shaping thong bodysuit gives a graceful silhouette, a flat stomach impression, and a curved and harmonious shape to your hips. The most important thing is that this model leaves no trace of boyshorts, thongs or panties. In addition, its thong side firms the posterior and gives the buttocks a beautiful plump shape. But of course, to have the desired effect, you have to be able to choose the right body-shaping thong.


To begin with, it is very important to keep in mind that this is not a slimming girdle or a slimming corset. The effects are only visual. The thong shapewear bodysuit is less oppressive than the corset but it still allows you to hide your curves, smooth your belly and your love handles.


This is the first point to choose a shaping body thong. Each shaping underwear is designed in different sizes according to the circumference of the pelvis and the waist of the interested party. The goal is to buy a second skin, there is no point in taking a size below or above. Too tight, the sculpting body can prevent you from breathing, but too loose, it will not produce the desired effect.


This detail is very important for comfort. Soft skin, for example, should favor cotton. It is very silky, easy to maintain and protects against skin irritation. Elastane, polyamide, lycra or polyester are all recommended materials. They combine quality, comfort, durability and resistance. 


There are generally two main models of body thong shaping. The one with and the one without the bra. The advantage with the model without a bra is that you can vary the bra as you wish. But it is always better to opt for a uniform and regular set for even more discretion. Available from S to large size, flesh-colored or black, the black Friday 2020 sales on shapellx shaping thong bodysuit will delight each of you.

No more complexes! Whether you’re slim or not, young or old, feel sexy and proudly show off in tight, trendy clothes. You just have one thing to do, choose your body shaping thong to wear it comfortably.

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