Over the years of international services with the highest standards of working executions, Luxury Antonovich Design has been recognized as the highly reputable architecture and interior design Company in the world. As it has been accomplished multi-national world-class project execution that has been accomplished in the most successful and highly satisfactory results, Luxury Antonovich Design has been developing the world’s top luxurious projects such as Palaces, luxury villas, Mosque, Arabian Houses, modern apartments, different commercial establishments, luxury hotels, and even huge industrial structures international. The Luxury Antonovich Design Head Quarters is located in Dubai – the center of architecture and interior design industry. Dubai has been the perfect choice of head office location as it has been the home of the world’s finest skyscrapers and breathtaking tourist destinations. Indeed, Luxury Antonovich Design has contributed a huge part of the architecture and interior design industry in the Middle East as it has been the top of the choice in developing the top luxurious projects.

Another reason why the Luxury Antonovich Design has become the top architecture and interior design company in the world is that, it provides the highest level of work performances towards every project implementations from A to Z. The Luxury Antonovich Design team always assures that every detail of the project development will be performed in the highest professionalism and skillful work. Due to the continues demand for architectural and interior design project executions international, Luxury Antonovich Design has started to operate an office branch in Miami, USA, wherein clients all over America has provided more reachable services from the team that is based in the USA. Luxury Antonovich Design also has an office branch and showroom in Astana Kazakhstan which is continuously providing a high level of services for Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Wherever part of the world is, Luxury Antonovich Design can absolutely develop any type of project. Luxury Antonovich Design has indeed leveled up the international standard of Architecture and the interior design industry, as it has been accomplished the most remarkable project executions all over the world.

Great Value for money – Luxury Antonovich Design always has a goal to perform the most luxurious and elegant interior design executions towards every project. At the same time provides the best services and absolute performances as the team values every drop of the money from every client and assures to bring out the best design implementations according to the desired design as required. Luxury Antonovich design has its own manufacturing and factory for furniture and the decorative materials that will be needful in every luxury project executions. This has been such a great advantage for every client and the full design team itself as the exact design requirement will surely be delivered with great value for money and most functional design.

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