Through her business model, the star entrepreneur is poised to change the face of the fashion industry for the better.

We are fortunate to be able to meet professionals across industries who believe in slow and gradual progress and stay in the industry for a long time to grow their heritage in their respective fields, in a world where people are obsessed with rapid progress and social media verifications. Many individuals have entered and left markets in which they felt they couldn’t compete. True heroes, on the other hand, are those who believe in themselves and persevere throughout the process. Lena is a perfect example amongst such entrepreneurs who has stayed focused on her mission, exhibited extreme commitment and persistence, and built a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Lena is a well-known 40-year-old Instagram model and fashion influencer from Ukraine. The fashion industry is a world unto itself, allowing many entrants to try their luck and emerge as successful figures, yet Lena’s talents and abilities have aided her growth as a successful entrepreneur in the field. Lena wasn’t always known for her sense of style. She was a tomboy for the majority of her youth, digging up worms and fishing with them among her favorite activities. When she was a young girl growing up in Ukraine, she was an active gymnast and a volleyball player.

Although, her journey has not always been a bed of roses. Doctors told her about 20 years ago that she had a chronic illness that would make her life difficult in the near future. Despite dealing with a debilitating condition on a regular basis, she continues to maintain a positive attitude. Wearing bright coloured clothes certainly helps her maintain a positive outlook on life. Even though she has never revealed her last name or shown her face, Lena has amassed quite a good following. With over four million Instagram followers, she has a huge fan base who like her fashion style, which includes a lot of bright colors, bags, and high heels. She says, she is extremely happy and optimistic when writing captions and producing Instagram posts for her profile.

To know more about Leena and her business, follow her on Instagram @Panthere_instyle or visit her website

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