What is the one quality that you wished your party DJ had? It certainly ought to be his/her ability to play the best music that makes the party animals dance hard and party even harder. But how often do you find DJs have that quality in them?

While many DJs play the dull audio mix over and over again at all events they go to, DJ Greg Somlok decided not to. He always prepares fresh notes and music transitions for every event that he is going to perform at. This is one of the reasons why he is one of the most successful DJs today.

Greg Somlok started learning about being a DJ in 2013 after the death of his father. He wanted to stray away his thoughts from his father’s death and decided to take musical lessons. This is where Greg S learnt about the art of mixing music notes, using a DJ mixer instrument, and smooth transition of music. Greg was hooked on this new skill. 

After hours of practice and playing his DJ mix at parties, Greg Somlok started getting compliments about his excellent work. This is when he knew what he wanted to do full-time: Being a DJ.

Greg S has achieved great heights in his career as a musical DJ. His music mix and reading the crowd ability is on the next level. He knows what the crowd will love and gives them exactly that at parties and musical nights.

Greg Somlok has shared the stage with the one and only Snoop Dog at Up & Down venue. He says “I love every part of my job. Being a DJ makes life fulfilling and is the best stress busting experience one can ever have.”

A quick glance at his Instagram feed reveals his music lifestyle and events that he has attended. Make sure to follow Greg there.

DJ Greg S  has a lot more events in the pipeline ranging from Halloween 2021 to New Year’s Eve 2022! Any party that Greg is invited to be the DJ is full of enthusiasm and hype as Greg’s music mashup is a killer one. The beats that he plays and his music mixing skill are above the ordinary.

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