How much money do you need to start an online business?

Here too, it depends: some businesses require several thousand euros between the creation of a site or an online shop ad hoc, those who do not have any social or digital base, therefore, need to rely on agencies and professionals who may have more or less high costs depending on the service package provided and others, as in the case of my Network business, which has no price, both for the opening of the online shop, and for access to digital training (which I provide free of charge to girls of my community), and for the use of digital strategies that allow you to create your credibility and your community on social media in a completely organic way.

What’s the best way to build a community ?

First, a lot of empathy and enthusiasm, these kinds of feelings are contagious to people, much more than a thousand well-told words or perfect business models. People independently choose who to follow and who to be influenced by, so passing positive and constructive messages is critical.

Then surely you need to be clear in your head what kind of people we want to attract, who is similar to us, who we can be helpful to, who we like to talk to, discuss and work with. You can’t please everyone.

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