There could be another huge change in the Windows 10 Start menu

There could be another huge change in the Windows 10 Start menu

Windows 10’s Start menu could be revived with adjusted corners being utilized in the interface structure, if a screen get spotted online is anything to pass by.

As flagged up by Windows Latest, the brief look at the possible new search for the Start menu comes kindness of a Microsoft tips page, which at one point discusses customizing the menu.

Be that as it may, the screen capture representing the customization of the Start menu shows boxes with unpretentiously adjusted corners, as opposed to sharp square edges as right now found in Windows 10. The inquiry box underneath has adjusted corners, as well, and again this is distinctive to the current plan of things.

The hypothesis, at that point, is that this screen capture was taken inside from a test constructed, and shows what’s in the pipeline for the Start menu – or if nothing else what Microsoft may be thinking about as far as a UI change.

Modern flow

As could be, there’s no sign regarding when this plan change may be made – or even any assurance that it will occur, obviously – yet the interface as envisioned looks very clever, and in reality this all streams with the remainder of the progressions being executed in Windows 10 to give it an increasingly current and contemporary feel.

We have, obviously, seen adjusted corners spring up in looks at review forms of Windows 10 before, as well, so the change bodes well in that setting too.

Truly, Microsoft has utilized adjusted edges before, yet with Windows 8 and its ‘Metro’ UI, the organization went for a straighter look and square points to separate the OS from different stages.

As we’ve seen, there are some other significant modifications made arrangements for the Start menu, including Live Tiles that have backgrounds to coordinate the light or dark theme being utilized in Windows 10, and there’s a cleaner generally speaking look.

The smart cash is on the Windows 10 H1 2021 update for these progressions to show up, in spite of the fact that whether that may incorporate adjusted corners is impossible to say.

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