Professional Name: Rigormortiz

Question: What is your profession?
Answer: Music producer, Song writer M.C, Rapper & Singer.

Question: When Did You Start?
Answer: My first single album release Was On The 8TH Of November 2019. And the single is called ‘’THE REAL ONE’’.

Question:What are your future plans?
Answer: I am currently finishing off my mix tape entitled “The RIGORMORTIZ project which I am planning to drop on the 1st of january 2021. This mix tape features collaborations with various established superstars as well as up and coming talented artists. This mix tape will be followed by several album releases.

Question: What made you step into this field?
Answer: I started off as a music producer working with various up and coming artists and basically got sick and tired of seeing people messing up and failing to utilize my beats to their full potential. I then decided I may as well jump on my beats and do what they where failing to do. I had a really positive response from my listeners and ended up with artists reaching out wanting to work with me as well as other producers sending me their beats and asking me to spit or sing on them which was really amazing and humbling.

Question: What do you find Interesting about this field?
Answer: I love making music and the challenge of developing words or a simple beat into a complete full song that is melodic, harmonic and adding a feeling to it that you can share with other people.

Thankyou Rigormortiz for giving us his precious time for this QnA.

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