One of the busiest film businesses in India is Tamil cinema, which consistently releases new films for its audience. However, the past several weeks have been uninteresting, with fewer fresh Tamil releases. The absence of new releases frustrated fans, despite the fact that the re-release of some successful films drew them into theatres. But with several new Tamil films premiering on Friday, moviegoers are in for a treat this week.


The principal cast of “Star,” which was directed by Kavin, includes Kavin, Lal, Aaditi Pohankar, Preity Mukhundhan, and Geetha Kailasam. The life of a little child who aspires to be a movie star is the subject of this inspirational movie. The film will serve as a showcase for the gifted Tamil actor Kavin, who plays the lead role. ‘Star’ has created a lot of buzz in the trailer, and it is expected to be the biggest box office hit of the May 10 releases.


Santhakumar, the filmmaker, and Arjun Das collaborated on the suspense thriller “Rasavathi.” Set against the picturesque background of Kodaikanal, “Rasavathi” promises to transport viewers to the well-liked vacation destination on the big screen. In addition to Sujith Sankar, GM Sundar, Sujatha, Ramya Subramaniyan, Reshma Venkatesh, and Rishikanth in supporting parts, Tanya Ravichandran plays the movie’s female lead.

“Uyir Tamizhukku”

‘Uyir Tamizhukku’ marks the lead actor Ameer’s return to the lead role after a career change to acting. Adham Bava’s political thriller ‘Uyir Tamizhukku’ will transport viewers back to historical political scenes on the big screen during the Lok Sabha election season. The cinematography and editing were done by Devaraj and Ashok Charles, respectively, while Vidyasagar composed the soundtrack.

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