Isaac Bradley is an aspiring actor and singer who has crossed many hurdles to reach this point in his life. He was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. In his spare time, he loves outdoor activities such as Basketball, Football, and Hiking. He is a very low-key and quiet person by nature. However, he has an extroverted side too. He prefers reading self-help and historical books and enjoys watching documentaries too. He starts off his day by meditating and praying as he is very spiritual.

Talking about his educational background, Bradley said that he was enrolled in college for quite some time and he studied acting alongside. However, before graduation, he quit college and took up acting at Playhouse West Repertory Theatre located in North Hollywood, California. He studied there for three years.

Being much spiritual himself, Bradley always gets through difficult situations by having faith in God and changing things that are in his control. “In life, you can’t control other people or things you can only control yourself. I’ve realized over time that once I focus on what I can control I become more powerful”, He added. He believes that in any difficult situation, fearlessness to face it is the ultimate way to overcome it. He said, “Human beings respect you more when you are fearless and not afraid to confront them.”

Bradley’s biggest source of motivation is love. This love implies the love he has for art, music, his family and close ones. “You can try to be motivated by vices but love is the greatest motivator”, said he. Thus, he is quite an optimistic person. He further added that even when we are searching for justice on something specific and want to prove our opposition wrong, our will arises from the love we have for that thing we are fighting for.

“I love music and acting however, this industry is tough and can definitely be difficult business-wise. You really have to have thick skin because rejection happens all the time.” This was Bradley’s response to being asked about the negative aspect of the showbiz industry. He dreams to own a house by a Lake someday and spend all his time making music.

We hope that Isaac Bradley can achieve all that he has set out for. His characteristics and motives not only as a person but also as an actor and musician are what will propel him to reach all his goals. To know more about Isaac Bradley, follow him on Instagram: