After a buggy initial release in the US this previous August, Microsoft’s Surface Duo will advance toward different countries one year from now. On Tuesday, the company declared its double screen Android telephone will be accessible in Canada, France, Germany and the UK in mid 2021, with more data to follow.

In a similar blog entry, Microsoft said Duo clients would now be able to download an improved version of TikTok — which last we checked hasn’t been banned at this point.

The updated application exploits the telephone’s dual-screen design, permitting you to watch videos on one display while browsing hashtags and looking for explicit clips on the other.

Third-party applications that advantage the Surface Duo’s one of a kind design have been rare. Prior to TikTok, the most eminent models were Spotify and Amazon’s Kindle application.

Designers need to change their applications to advantage Duo’s abilities, and that is something that not a great deal of them have chosen to do as yet. Extended accessibility could make it simpler for Microsoft to convince companies to place in the vital work.

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