As the old maxim goes, hard work is the key to success. This has been proven once again by the 20-year-old musician and social media influencer Nika Falahi.

Music is one such thing that does not fail to mesmerize and soothe anyone. Nika Falahi knows this very well and has found her passion early on in life. Born in 2002, Nika Falahi boasts over 5 million followers on all her social media handles combined. But what does she really do?

Nika Falahi is a social media content creator and singer. Her success story is a unique one and inspires thousands of youngsters across the globe today. She started out in the music industry after being hooked to hip-hop and soulful music at the same time. Nika used to listen to her favorite artists and repeat the verses of their songs for hours.

She was a bright kid at school and aimed to pursue arts & theater as a career. However, Nika Falahi quickly found her calling in Music and never looked back. To date, she has released many popular songs that have fetched thousands of listeners.

In 2018, when Nika Falahi was just sixteen years old, she released a single titled Tehran. After receiving great response from listeners, Nika Falahi went on to release another song ‘Nafas’ in 2019. And guess what? She was bombarded with appreciation and love messages from the fans.

Nika Falahi, since then, has released several superhit songs like Mehmooni, Valentine, Party Summer, Tear, and New Wave. All of her songs have left a positive impact on the listeners and raked in millions of followers on her Instagram account.

The 20-year-old is immensely popular on TikTok having over a million followers on the platform. She was awarded with the YouTube Silver Button in 2022 for crossing 100,000 subscribers. At the moment, Nika Falahi is concentrating on building a career as a musician combined with being a social media content creator.

At such a young age, Nika Falahi has found her passion and is not planning to slowdown anytime soon. She has many exciting projects in the pipeline and it remains to be seen what this young talent brings to the music industry in 2022!

To know more about Nika Falahi, follow her on: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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