In Bollywood, friendships can shine just as brightly as the stars themselves, and Kiara Advani and Isha Ambani are an example of this. From their earliest years, they have maintained a closed bond. Even though Kiara and Isha have quite different lives these days—Kiara is establishing herself in the movie industry, while Isha hails from a wealthy family—they remain close friends.

One thing, however, unites these two ladies: they are both fashion icons in their own way and have exquisite senses of style, as evidenced by Kiara’s most recent photo. Just see their relationship and excellent sense of style.

The gauzy dress of Isha Ambani:

Both of the gorgeously dressed women are seen holding hands in the picture that Kiara Advani posted. Isha Ambani looked stunning in an orange gown with chain accents and a backless style that stole the show. Her outfit was given a fanciful and feminine touch by the gown’s flouncy flair and exquisite floral details.

The businesswoman accessorized with pearl hoop to match her gown and chose a coral color scheme to accentuate her inherent beauty. Isha’s cheeks gave off a healthy glow as her blush was subtly highlighted. Coral tones in her lipstick nicely complemented her gown, and the light shade gave her appearance a delicate touch. Isha’s face was framed by her beautifully parted hair in the middle.

Kiara Advani’s beautiful black dress:

In contrast, Kiara exuded elegance in a gorgeous black velvet dress that highlighted all of her curves. The bodycon cut of the dress highlighted the actress Shershaah’s statuesque physique with a stylish halter neck design.

She accessorized her outfit with green earrings and carried a chic black purse to create an explosive and stylish look. She went for kohl-rimmed eyes for her makeup. Her glowing complexion gave off a soft shine that highlighted her best features. Her makeup was given an air of elegance by her open lips, which made her eyes the major attraction of the ensemble. Her hair was styled in a bun that emphasized the gown’s elegant design.

In addition to pursuing fashion, Kiara Advani and Isha Ambani are active in the industry, having been on the covers of renowned magazines, working with high-profile brands, and attending fashion events. These two have grown to be extremely important figures in the fashion industry, and millions of people look up to them as role models for stylish dressing.

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