Jennifer Brooks proves what it really takes for a ‘mom’preneur to build a company from scratch and take it to the next level.

When today, people hear about success stories, they also get intrigued to know more about the journeys of such people. They feel curious to know how they had set out on their own to achieve the prominence they enjoy today in their respective niches. Well, different industries have seen different professionals emerging, radiating different levels of brilliance, creativity and professionalism. It may even take years for an individual to build a strong company in their chosen industry, but all of this also depends upon the resilience and perseverance of people and how much ready are they to face the odds in their way. Jennifer Brooks stands tall today as one such woman entrepreneur of the US, who pushed her limits and carved a great path for herself to create a multi-million dollar company from scratch. This is how International Loops came into existence in the year 2015, through the incessant hard work and perseverance of Jennifer Brooks, who did all of this while also being a wife and a mother.

Jennifer Brooks was once a college dropout who hardly had any idea of what she wanted from life. However, the continuous boom in the digital space attracted her the most and she decided to be a part of the same. Ask her who has been her inspiration and pat comes the reply, “Myself”. She has always lived with the attitude of “had to get it, want it all” and a strong work ethic. This led her towards the social media space and the digital world, ultimately originating her social media marketing company named International Loops.

Working all through these years, Jennifer Brooks turned into a professional entrepreneur and took her company to the global level, making it the #1 in the business of social media marketing. Today, International Loops has become an industry leader in social media audience acquisition. It has also attracted great clientele for being an honest brand and company, delivering on its promises.

Persistence has what helped Jennifer Brooks in her journey and that’s what she advises to others as well, who wish to make it huge in their careers. Do not forget to follow International Loops on Instagram @internationalloops to know more.

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