He is forging a way out for people to get rid of this deadly medical drug.

Dr Russell Surasky is a neurology specialist from New York holding a double board certification in both Neurology and addiction medicine. If rumours have to be believed, he may be the only physician who has this unique combination of credentials. He is currently serving as a medical director of Bridge Back to Life, a multi-center outpatient addiction treatment program and is also the founder of the Surasky Neurological Center for Addiction in Great Neck, N.Y.

Do you know the drugs that are given to you for curing diseases are itself a disease? Yes, opiate is a dreadful drug which, when consumed, makes the body to be dependent on it for feeling better. The time is not far enough when the young generation will adhere to drugs to get more out of life. Dr Surasky is battling every day to eradicate the lethal drug from the lives of people. He is perhaps the only person who is spreading awareness amongst mankind regarding this drug.

Dr Surasky is known for his innovative medical solutions. The most astonishing fact is that he has finally forged a way out, to push people to get rid of the opiate addiction. His program is based on a drug called Vivitrol, which just needs to be injected once a month, to flush out opiate addiction. This revolutionary solution of Dr Surasky is recognised by scientists all across the globe. According to a research published in the prestigious Journal of Molecular Psychiatry, the success rate of this treatment developed by Dr Surasky is greatly efficient than any other treatments available. The eminent doctor presently tours as an authority on the topic of enlightening physicians and the New York criminal justice system about addiction and these ingenious treatment options. Addiction is drastic, and it’s more terrible to be reluctant in getting yourself cured for that addiction. So break the myths and get yourself cured, as Dr Russell Surasky provides the best and promising way of getting rid of opiate addiction and take control of your life in your hands again.

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