Hadi Zinati is one of the young and talented musicians of Iran who screams people’s hearts with songs full of emotion and love. Using different instruments and different styles, he turns music into a universal language and mesmerizes everyone.

Hadi Zinati was born on May 12, 1364 in Karaj city. His interest in music started as a child and he started playing the guitar at the age of 14. During his studies in computer engineering, he was very interested in music and left the university and joined the music field. In 2008, Hadi entered the field of music by writing songs and since then he collaborated with various singers. So far, he has composed and arranged more than 200 songs for himself and others, some of which include: – “Enthusiasm”, “Beauty”, “Longing” and “Love and Life” which he read and published himself. – “Joy”, “Peace”, “Tears” and “Sleep” written and arranged for Mohammad Alizadeh and published. – “Ashkaneh”, “Dolgarmi”, “Shur” and “Nishat” which was created, edited and published for Mehran Modiri. – “Peace”, “Happiness”, “Peace” and “Silence” which was written, arranged and published for Majid Kharatha. According to the taste and personality of the singers he works with, Hadi Zinati always creates works that harmonize with their voices and communicate with their audiences. He always tries to translate music into the language of love and express his and others’ feelings honestly and clearly. Topics #Hadi Zinati