Yes, the slipped vertebrae mean that, for example, the fourth vertebrae slide forward or sometimes backward.

This is an idiopathic problem. There is no specific cause for this problem, and it is more common in young people. The treatment of the problem is by surgical methods. But the symptoms and the pain are reduced by physiotherapy in many cases, and no surgery may be needed.

If non-surgical methods like physiotherapy are ineffective, surgery will be needed for slipped vertebrae issues.

Are hiking and climbing harmful to people with sciatica?

In 90 percent of the cases, the sciatica is the disc protrusion problem. It is a mistake to think that because you have sciatica, your back is healthy, and your pain is just because of sciatica. Because of this, some focus more on sciatica, and they will get better in a few days, but the pain will appear again because the back is the problem and it should be diagnosed, and the situation and proper treatment must be found, and it should be taught to the patient by the physiotherapist. In this case, the patient can perform trained movements at home.

In mountain climbing, due to the slope, most of the sciatica pain and lumbar disc herniation because of decreasing in lumbar Lordosis. This pain is caused because of walking uphill; so mountain climbing, specifically going uphill, is not suitable for them and is not advised.

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