Starship model Serial Number 8, or SN8 will attempt to reach around 50,000 feet altitude.

SpaceX may dispatch its next practice run of a model of its Mars rocketship this week, author and CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter on Sunday.

He tweeted concerning test fires and the arranged timetable: “Just a static fire tomorrow. Flight no earlier than Wednesday.”

The company is attempting to create Starship, which is intended to convey many individuals on long-range flight so it is conceivable to colonize Mars. Starship will be “the world’s most powerful launch vehicle ever developed,” as per the SpaceX site.

Starship prototype Serial Number 8, or SN8 will attempt to reach around 50,000 feet height.

SpaceX dispatched the model of its Mars rocketship many feet into the air, at that point landed it upright in past effective dry runs on Aug. 5 – the prototype’s predecessor SN5 – and Sept. 3 – the prototype’s predecessor SN6.

The August trip of SN5 endured barely 45 seconds and arrived at only 500 feet at the southeastern tip of Texas close to Brownsville, yet was a significant first for SpaceX’s Starship. Some prior tests finished in blasts on the pad.

“Mars is looking real,” Musk tweeted after the short hop. “Progress is accelerating.”

Musk said a few all the more short hops are arranged before a test version of Starship focuses on a high elevation. The most recent test model is moderately plain: It stands a full-scale 100 feet tall and looks like a steel storehouse — or loosened up can — with a cap on top.

The privately company intends to dispatch reusable Starships on still underway rockets, conveying cargo or group to low-Earth orbit, the moon and Musk’s most desirable objective, Mars. The whole stack will extend almost 400 feet.

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