One of the most intensely advertised items during the holiday deals is the Apple Watch, fundamentally for the entry-level Series 3 model, which is accessible for as low as $119 at Walmart.

Purchasers be careful: What’s being offered at an incredible cost is a 3-year-old item from 2017 that doesn’t offer a significant number of the fresher highlights. How can it contrast and the best in class, the Series 6 or the more affordable SE?

We’re here to help. What you have to know:


The Series 6, the most recent, has a beginning rundown cost of $399 from Apple, contrasted and $279 for the 2020 section SE and the Series 3 for $199. More seasoned models are accessible at different sources, including the Series 5 for $329, best case scenario, Buy and Amazon. Note the “starting” cost. Apple offers a $25 gift voucher with purchase of the Series 3 for its holiday deal, which closes Monday night.

You need an iPhone*

The Apple Watch isn’t viable with Android telephones, for example, the Samsung Galaxy series. Shouldn’t something be said about utilizing it as a plain watch? No way. You actually need an iPhone to set up the Watch, so in case you’re not in the Apple world, forget about it. Apple is explicit about which model you’ll require. The Series 6 Watch works just with iPhones going back to the 6S, from 2014. On the off chance that you held onto your old iPhone 6 or 5S, sorry, it’s not compatible.

*There is another way this year for some to utilize a Watch without an iPhone, by means of Apple’s new “Family” plan. It lets parents purchase editions of the Apple Watch and tie them to their iPhone. (Note that the Series 3 watch that is being discounted doesn’t work with it, yet the SE and Series 6 do.)

GPS edition or Wi-Fi/cellular?

The GPS editions of the watch are $100 less expensive, yet you’ll require that iPhone on you when you utilize the watch for getting notifications, calls, streaming music, applications, conversing with the Siri individual collaborator and such. Go through the additional cash, and you can do the entirety of the above when making the rounds (as joggers or stand-up paddlers should do), however once more, you’ll pay for it. You have to spring an extra $10 month to month on your wireless service plan.

More on the family plan

Apple promotes the SE as beginning at $279 and the Series 6 at $399, yet for the family plan, guardians need to buy venture up versions with cell network. Those SE models start at $329 for the 40mm watchface or $359 for the 44mm variant. At that point add generally $10 month to month for your remote arrangement (contingent upon the transporter), and you’re taking a gander at least $658 for a family with two children, in addition to $240 per year in cell charges.

Series 3 versus SE and Series 6

There are numerous differences in the first in class watch, the 6.

Prior versions of the watch turned dull when not being used to save battery power. The Series 6 has the “always on” include, so you’ll generally have the option to see the watch face. Two health applications are accessible, to check your blood-oxygen level and do an ECG to check your heart’s beat and electrical activity. The Series 3 watch doesn’t offer these highlights, nor does the SE. The SE works with the family plan and has a bigger watch face, 44mm (same as Series 6) to the Series 3 42mm.

On the off chance that you do have an Android phone…

On the off chance that you have an Android telephone and need a smartwatch, you’ll need to see arm pieces highlighting Wear OS by Google (which can work with Android telephones just as iPhones) from creators, for example, Fossil or Samsung with its Galaxy-branded watches. Samsung’s Galaxy watch line is vigorously limited for these holidays also: A 46mm watch face release of the Galaxy watch sells for $189, best case scenario, Buy, down from $239.

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