In the book “Happiness and Sadness in the View of the Qur’an and Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them),” written by Mr Mohammad Arshianfar and revised by Dr. Farooq Safi Zadeh, the role of happiness and sadness from the perspective of the Qur’an and the Ahl al-Bayt has been documented. In Islam, “joy” is semantically equivalent to two words, “Farah” and “Soroor,” which are Arabic.

In many remarks of Imams, peace be upon them, the necessity to spread and create happiness throughout society is emphasized and regarded as the most beloved to the God. In the view of Islam, “happiness” is noted as the intellectual army, and sadness is the army of Satan.

Making people laugh by telling funny jokes with no disrespect is one of the most welcomed ways of demonstrating happy manners. It is narrated about Imam Sadiq (peace be upon them) that he asked his companions, “do you joke with each other?” and they responded, “occasionally.” The Imam said, “it is not right!” Because by having a sense of humor, as it is an excellent moral, you make your brother happy, and the prophet always used to joke with people and intended to spread happiness. Several impressive points are included in this narration. First, joking and speaking with attractive language (verbal or written or behavioral) and generally “humor” is a good character based on Islamic remarks. Secondly, the manner of the prophet of God was to instill happiness into people through joking constantly. The third and last point is that charming speech is an example of “instilling delight,” which is the most precious to God. One of the apparent qualities of Amir Al-Mumenin Ali (peace be upon them) was his “sense of humor.”

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