The instant messaging app WhatsApp is said to have been developing a new function, although it hasn’t been made available to customers yet. According to rumors, the site has been developing new features that would let users know which of their friends have been active recently. The newest element will try to make contact easier by providing information about who might be the most receptive to calls or texts.

According to a WABeta Info report, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that will show users a list of contacts who have recently used the application. Users won’t have to worry about checking the activity status of each contact one at a time thanks to this helpful feature.

Concerns about privacy:

In order to maintain user privacy, the new feature will not include last seen or online statuses in these lists. This will allow users to see what has been going on recently while also guaranteeing that their status will be private.

Phase of beta testing:

A limited group of beta testers who updated to the most recent version of WhatsApp beta for Android via the Google Play Store are currently participating in tests of the new feature. As testing continues, it is expected to become available to a larger user base in the upcoming weeks.

Improved interaction:

According to the most current development, WhatsApp has been developing a number of features aimed at improving platform communication. Another feature that is undergoing testing makes recommendations for contacts with users who haven’t talked in a while in an effort to encourage reconnection and start new conversations.

Furthermore, there is an opt-out option available for individuals who would rather not be suggested for starting new discussions. By giving users choice over their messaging experience, this will guarantee that the feature doesn’t interfere with ongoing conversations.

Upcoming modifications:

Both features are still being tested, and they might be included in upcoming app versions. These improvements aim to further improve consumers’ chatting experiences as WhatsApp grows.

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