All iPhone 16 series models, including the entry-level iPhone 16 and 16 Plus, would have this additional button.

According to rumors, the iPhone 16 will have a second button that is solid-state and supported by its haptic engine. A report on MacRumors claims that Apple has internally named it the “Capture Button.” Although its exact purpose is yet unknown, the button is expected to be situated below the power button and is most likely going to be capacitive in nature as opposed to mechanical.

The report claims that Apple planned to shift the smartphone’s mmWave antenna, which is capable of using 5G frequency waves across short distances, to the left side in order to make room for an extra button on the right side. All iPhone 16 series models, including the entry-level iPhone 16 and 16 Plus, would support this extra button.

The American tech giant is reportedly preparing to replace the action button with a solid-state button, according to earlier press resources. For those who are unaware, solid-state buttons are capacitive buttons supported with haptic feedback for a clicking feel similar to a mechanical button. Solid-state would be used by Apple for the Action and Capture buttons. There are reports that the power button and volume keys are still mechanical.

With the release of the iPhone 15 Pro models, the single-function mute switch-which could only be used to switch between ring and silent modes—was replaced by the Action button. More customization choices and preset functions, such as focus and silent modes, multi-mode support for the camera, torch, voice memo, magnifier, and accessibility capabilities, are available with the Action button. Furthermore, the Action button may be set up together with Apple Shortcuts to provide the user with even more customization choices. Currently, to confirm activities, the action button uses a press-and-hold motion that is supported by haptic feedback and visual indications in the Dynamic Island.

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