In a recent interview, Karishma Tanna discussed her parents’ reactions to her birth. They wanted a boy, she claimed, so she made the decision to become their son.

Karishma Tanna recently discussed how, because she was a girl, her parents were not allowed to view her face when she was born. She claimed that when her mother later informed her about it, it so devastated her that she made the decision to give her parents anything a son may have given them. Karishma claimed she had no desire for the “typical life,” which included getting married and starting a family.

“My mother had told me when I was old enough that actually when I was born, my dad wasn’t happy,” Karishma Tanna said in Hindi to Siddharth Kannan. because, like most Gujarati families, there was pressure from the family and he desired a son. They believed that a son would continue their lineage, increase their income, and demonstrate their superiority. My mother has two girls. My granddad and grandmom used to give us second hand treatment. It gave me strength, and I’ll prove to them that girls can do anything boys can do. She said she decided at a young age to be the provider for her family.

Karishma’s next appearance will be in Hansal Mehta’s forthcoming film Scoop. She plays the journalist Jagruti Pathak in the Netflix series. It will be available on June 2.


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