Byron Johnson had always dreamt of being a businessman, but like many who share this ambition, was unsure of where to start. It was only when he took the first step into the industry that the answer came to him at once. While trying to leverage himself in the world of entrepreneurship Byron Johnson realised that finding a physical space to work out of is still considered one of the best means of propagating and legitimizing your business, regardless of the present onset in a digital economy. Soon enough it became apparent that there were several others in the same boat as Byron Johnson. “I realised two things here. Firstly, that it was a brilliant opportunity that held a lot of potential for me as a businessman, and secondly that this was an excellent way of giving back to the community I loved to be a part of.”, Byron Johnson elaborates in his reason.

From this motive was born The Johnson Foundation of Florida, a flourishing enterprise working in the Florida, Tampa Bay area. The Johnson Foundation of Florida works to provide pocket-friendly workspaces for small and medium-sized enterprises. At present they have provided over 3 zones with a 100% occupancy of 150 tenants, priced at $500-$700 per unit.

As one can expect, taking on so much work can get quite stressful at times. It is not uncommon to see businessmen suffering from burnout especially since they have to manage several aspects of their professional life at once, rather than just being assigned a particular role as can be seen for a corporate professional. Byron Johnson manages this by always keeping two steps ahead of what the world requires from him, claiming that thinking forward allows him to change decisions if they don’t seem to be working out. Byron Johnson also prides himself on having a successful team that is always ready to take on the workload that comes with running The Johnson Foundation of Florida and gives their best at any given time. “With so many like-minded people around you, it makes avoiding burnout a lot easier.” Byron Johnson explains.

In the future, Byron Johnson plans to move forward with a lot of ambition, and the resources necessary to make his dreams come true. One can expect to see The Johnson Foundation of Florida expanding to other locations across the USA as well since there will always be a demand for its services among up-and-coming businesses. If you or a loved one could see yourself requiring Byron Johnson and The Johnson Foundation of Florida’s assistance, get in touch today, by following the social media links provided below:


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