This is a one of its kind language learning platform by Philip Rossen who created it with a robust team of language coaches to impart education effectively.

The world is currently facing very grave times, and hence many companies, brands, and even educational systems are all switching to the online world to carry forward their work. However; the working of different industries in the online space was something that was predicted much before any pandemic, as people knew this was the only thing that would take them towards development and growth. One such amazing platform which is creating a rage in the online education space is “Justlearn”.

Justlearn is the simple yet modern form of an online language learning platform which connects thousands of language students to native tutors and helps them increase their knowledge and understanding of the languages. The distinctive factor of this online platform is that each and every lesson is prepared and created depending on the needs and requirements of the students. It gives an opportunity to all to learn foreign languages and sharpen their language skills.

An enthusiastic young entrepreneur named Philip Rossen is the CEO and founder of Justlearn who began this journey of his with the aim to provide personalized tutoring to students who wish to hone their skills in languages.

Justlearn, which is not only ahead in the online tutoring format, it also specializes in providing informal tutoring service, where learned, verified and professional teachers can train and offer personalized tuitions to students. Students can find any teacher based on their requirements and interests and get in touch with them. According to the requirements they give, the teachers would customize lessons for them as per their language level.

This is a platform which is full of highly educated people and a team that swears to impart their knowledge to students in languages. The team of tutors at Justlearn works with the motive to provide quality language education to their students. The teams of tutors are selected based on certain criteria by the online platform. For delivering premium services, each teacher’s application is carefully reviewed and made sure that after they come on board with Justlearn, they effectively deliver the knowledge required by the students.

Justlearn is acing the game in the educational world by conducting online classes for students by native language tutors by connecting the tutors and students through “Zoom” software. It also provides login credentials of varied languages.

These truly educated people and a magnificent educational learning team have been forces behind the changing fortunes of many in many different ways by spreading across the correct information and knowledge of more than 75 languages with the help of innovative teaching methods.

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