Entrepreneur Mostafa Nouman and his friend lose over $24,000 to PayPal

Entrepreneur Mostafa Nouman and his friend lose over $24,000 to PayPal

Mostafa Nouman finally answers the question towards PayPal’s safety, is it safe, or is it not? The simple answer is no, PayPal does not guarantee your safety as you could just wake up one day and have your account frozen with thousands of dollars and no hope whatsoever with customer service, leaving all your hard work and money behind like that is not easy, although it may not be permanent, Mostafa Nouman had his PayPal account frozen and thousands of dollars of his money taken away from him for around 180 days. Keep in mind that PayPal has not provided Mostafa with a valid reason as to why they have done this to his account, he was always playing it safe and has never done anything illegal in his businesses, Nouman recommends that you use any other service but PayPal like Bitcoin or Cashapp. This situation has had a big impact on the Entrepreneur’s life as they have just froze all of his money where he can’t take it out, spend any of it, or send it anywhere. It’s like his money belongs to them now.

Now another thing that Mostafa Nouman dislikes about PayPal are disputes, he has before lost tons of money due to scammers who claim that he had not provided them with the service that he offers, which of course he has. Disputes can be as little as $1, but that doesn’t matter as it can pressure PayPal into limiting your account without knowing your side of the story. Mostafa Nouman’s friend who goes by the name Carter Jamison has been using their platform for months and has been transferring tens of thousands of dollars until recently they unexpectedly froze his account out of the blue with $20,000 in his balance.

All gone, just like that. Here’s how the process with Mostafa went: One morning he tried logging into his PayPal account to go ahead and send a payment, then PayPal said that they’ve noticed some “unusual activity” on his account, makes no sense. Then he was ASKED to change his password so he did, but after he changed it he tried logging in and it said the same exact thing to him and made him change his password two to three times, later on he was successfully able to log in to his PayPal and he was relieved, until he tried sending the payment just to end up with a large warning from PayPal that says the following: “You can’t send money right now, It looks like there’s an issue with your account. Call or email us so we can help.” Mostafa was confused so he went directly to the help center just like anyone in his situation would, just to find that their messaging service was disabled and when he tried to email or call them, he never got a response. He was completely stressed out and around an hour later of him being completely worried about his money with lots of fear inside him, he tries logging in again just to see the one thing he’s been afraid of seeing: “You can’t use PayPal anymore. At PayPal, we value a safe community for our customers to do business. We noticed activity in your account that’s inconsistent with our User Agreement and we no longer offer you PayPal services. Any bank or credit card information linked to your PayPal account cannot be removed nor can it be used to create a new account. You can still log in and see your account information but you can’t send or receive money. Any money in your balance will be held for 180 days, after which we’ll send you an email with instructions about transferring your money.” Which is probably not going to happen, it is very cruel and uneducated behaviour to steal or keep people’s money like that especially when it does NOT belong to you which is what made Mostafa Nouman a little mad. Even if his account were to be reopened in 6 months he just kept thinking to himself what is he going to do for the next 180 days? No money, no work, no growth, nothing. They left him with no options but to stay in bed and be as depressed as one can be hoping everyday that his hard earned money that he worked for for months would come back to him eventually.

The Entrepreneur repeats to everyone out there who considers using PayPal as a payment partner, do NOT do it. It is a big mistake that you will eventually regret and you might even end up losing all your money just like Mostafa Nouman did, and just like his friend Carter lost $21,000 to be exact. Use a different Payment method like Bitcoin or Cashapp or anything else that’s secure besides PayPal. Can you imagine how a 16 year old would feel like when he’s been working hard every single day for months just to have all his money and hard work taken away by a company that does not care about it’s customers and has terrible customer support that does not reply to you when you need them most because you’ve just lost everything you had? It’s as terrible as it can get.

Mostafa Nouman has not yet said any words to the public about his next moves or what he’s going to do to start earning his money again, but the main word he wanted to get out there was, do NOT use PayPal. Unless you want to lose all your money on purpose of course, we also forgot to mention that he had a previous account a year back that also got disabled for absolutely no reason with the same exact situation where we get blocked out from contacting support, but luckily at the time when the account was locked he only had around $100 in his balance, so he was not as mad as he is now. This is very unacceptable as this is considered theft and can have legal actions taken against it, you should never be able to have the power to hold someone else’s belongings under any circumstance, you are stealing people’s money. If you’re “holding it” for 6 months, that’s borrowing without permission, let me rephrase, “THEFT”. Now imagine if this situation was any worse than it already is, if Mostafa had over $100,000 in his account, or even a million. That’s all his life savings just gone, doesn’t matter for how long because what is he going to do for the next 6 months? Eat off of the street? PayPal does NOT know about his life and they do not know anything about him which gives them NO right to keep his money. He is not letting this go easily and will work as hard as he can to get the word out there that PayPal are THIEVES! We thank Entrepreneur Mostafa Nouman for coming out and saying this without being afraid because he might have just saved lots of people’s money, keep grinding and do NOT use PayPal, Cheers!

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