Lenney Leong on Top Entrepreneur Tips

Marketing had stayed pretty static for many many years since up until recently the only way to advertise was billboards, newspapers or a tv commercial. Nowadays people spend substantially more time looking at their phones than they do outside a car window which is why marketing has changed drastically within the past couple of decades. Lenney Leong did not let the opportunity to expand on this opportunity pass him by. Despite his young age he has created a very successful marketing agency called, Get Customers. Since transitioning over to the new era or marketing can be intimidating he provides quality services to help companies make the switch. The spark began when Lenney was 17 years old and found success in a digital cooking academy. After producing a video that brought in over 7.2 million views and more than 48,000 shares Lenney started his path to becoming a well established Entrepreneur. After the cooking venture he started a lactation cookie company called Mamasfuel and then started his Advertising Agency. 

By using his ability to attract an audience and keep their attention Lenney has been able to successfully help companies begin producing effective marketing campaigns and media. Whereas a company usually focuses on creating content to close sales he focuses on creating content that reflects value and quality since that has been proven to create more sales. One of the most crucial parts of social media was the immediate access to instant feedback from your audience. By having a way for customers to share their experience with your product or service it allows companies to take note of their flaws and improve on them. Creating a useful and effective social media presence is important to the process since companies cannot possibly succeed without it. Once a clients website is published it is important to Lenney that the necessary Search Engine Optimization is performed. By utilizing the ability to manipulate search engines, websites can be moved to the front page of internet results and reach the audience better instead of being thrown into the abyss that is the internet. Another part of this process is blogging since by blogging entrepreneurs are able to improve on their own skills and build trust with their audience. 

As outdated as it sounds, Email marketing is also a crucial part of modern advertising. So long as the emails are specific to the person receiving them they are a very effective way of doing marketing. The list of ways that Lenney utilizes modern technology to help a company maximize is far too long to list. He is truly an innovator in this field and his ability to attract an audience and hold their attention is unmatched.

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