Blogging is a marketing method. In the digital and communication era in which the Internet is the main item in people’s life, companies and Individuals use this technology efficiently and advertise their products online or in other words, blogs.

Bloggers are people who advertise these products and gain fame.

An important point is that this job has no age limitations, “Betty Winkle”, one of the most famous fashion bloggers is 90 years old.

She also has a cosmetic brand that she advertises.

Types of bloggers:

Fashion blogger

Food blogger

Interior blogger

Economy blogger

Car influencer

Video games blogger

Entertainment blogger

Sanam Added: contrary to others’ false perspectives who are on Instagram, being a blogger is not just sharing photos or a hobby, and it has a lot of difficulties.

Important points for being a blogger that you should know:

First, you should determine your purpose, what do your followers achieve by following you?

You must decide that you want to sell your products or help others to sell theirs.

You need to choose a digital place for your activities.

In Iran, Telegram, Twitter, and most popularly Instagram are adequate digital places.

If you select Instagram, installing some useful apps associated with Instagram can help you in becoming a blogger.

If you have bigger goals, you can establish a website.

–      You certainly need to read relevant articles, and ask an expert and experienced people to help you.

–      You should make the way you speak unique.

–      Be inspired by famous bloggers.

–      The quality of the images and videos you share is substantial.

–      If you do your activities through Instagram, try to share attractive posts every day, if it’s not possible so two or three posts per week are enough.

–      Communicate with your followers and the people you are following. For example, give likes to their posts and give comments, even view their stories. This will help you to make others trust you.

–      Try to share your photos and content, otherwise, tag the references.

–      Choosing a name for your page is very important because it creates an object of you in others’ minds.

–      Consider being a blogger as your secondary occupation and after reaching your goals, you can pursue it as your main job.

–      Remember, the more time you spend on this work, the more successful you become.

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