The Serbian model’s most recent Instagram story has put an end to fan theories over the divorce rumors that have been making headlines around Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic.

Natasa surprised her fans with more than just this; the Serbian model just made all of her wedding photos available again. Previously, Natasa had erased every Instagram photo from her wedding as well as the last name “Pandya.”

The fans had to wonder, “Are they back together?” after seeing this new and intriguing side to the story.

With a post of her favorite dog, Natasa answered divorce rumors in the widely shared image. The dog, Schnoodle, was dressed in a cute panda-print pink t-shirt. Natasa captioned the photo “Baby Rover Pand(Y)a” in a clever pun.

According to reports, the story could indicate that all is good in the Pandya home. According to certain rumors, the couple is separating peacefully and sharing co-parenting of Agastya Pandya, their child, and their dog.

Rumors of a Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic divorce:

The rumors of a divorce between Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic have generated a lot of attention on social media. Additionally, rumors have it that the Serbian will be interested in annuity of 70% of Pandya’s wealth after their divorce.

Regarding the rumors, Pandya and Natasa have not released any official statements. They have not confirmed or denied the rumors.

Pandya and the 2024 Indian Premier League:

This year’s Indian Premier League was difficult for Pandya because of criticism and screams from the crowd as well as inquiries about his poor on-field choices. With 8 points at the end, the squad won just 4 of the fourteen matches they competed in.

Pandya, meanwhile, is the vice-captain for the upcoming T20 World Cup. At the moment, Vikram Rathore, head coach of squad India cricket, and Rohit Sharma are the first players from the Indian cricket squad to visit the United States.

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