We have already talked about the progress of Iranian pop music, from Professor Ashraf Hojjatzadeh to Behnam Bani. We have both praised and questioned all the different times that pop music.

The name of Mohammad Zanganeh has been heard by all of us for several years and we know that his activity in the field of pop has been brilliant with his special and deep music, but his new speeches last week in the period that was broadcast as a controversial video need to be discussed.

The basics of his words and “Are Too Jooni” controversial music video about the changes in pop music in Iran and its tendency to international and even Korean music have been very worrying, and this concern in all periods of decline and rise of music in the pop genre there have been. The main focus of this concern goes back to the modeling of the new generation of Middle Eastern music that is now in the hands of Turkish and Arabic musicians and singers, but the root of these problems can also be in the emergence of huge fans of Korean pop (K-pop).

Many people have expressed concern about this before, but it was not widely and dramatically mentioned in a public place in front of the cameras.

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