Dario Bonanno is the icon of achieving great goals and extraordinary results.

It proved its extension fueled by his obsession with achieving certain goals he set for himself.

He lives in Lisbon but is of Turin, he attended and graduated in Economics and Business Management so he could not help but take this path.

It all began in 2016 with a small e-commerce site where you can sell torches and watches but with an exclusive payment method, payment on delivery.

Dario represents the maximum expansion of cash on delivery business. It is a quick, safe and efficient method.

It has climbed the business and has reached almost the entire Eastern European market, today it sells in Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Greece.

This expansion and this market are also the representation of his passion as a traveler.

Today he would like to reach all markets that accept this type of payment such as Asia and Latin America.

The difficulties in this sector can be as many as suppliers who do not respect payments, but this is the risk that every entrepreneur like Dario must always be ready to bear and overcome.

Sometimes self-confidence can go a long way, like letting you create your own business and even teaching others how.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/dariobonannoecom

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