Introducing a unique concept through his latest project “hi”, Pierrick Jamaux is all set to take the financial aspects and industry to next level.

Young talent has amazed everyone with their unique skill set and expertise in variety of businesses. Technology plays a vital role in the growth of these businesses. But very few can take the risk of doing something which is not yet established, nor people are familiar. Have a glance on one such successful businessman and financial expert- Pierrick Jamaux. Hailing from Versailles, France band blessed with immense talent, Pierrick is a graduate from Ecole Centrale Paris which is one of the topmost engineering schools. He is a Mathematically gifted person, worked as a Trader in several banks in Paris, New York, London and Hong Kong. Further with his experience and knowledge he built his own business of luxury concierge business.

But his innovative mind wanted to explore more for which he was never afraid of taking any risk in business, he took a very bold decision of selling his business of concierge. Pierrick sold his established business to tech company. Further he entered in the world of crypto for a way to facilitate worldwide payments for concierge platform. Within very short span he became the part of the new project called ‘hi’ built on blockchain technology. For this the master mind explains their unique method of working – The company strives to be a catalyst for global financial inclusion and aims to serve those unbanked and underbanked communities, who are traditionally excluded from the current financial system. With hi, anyone with access to a phone and legitimate identification documents can access their services. Our revolutionary concept consists of using blockchain technology and our own membership token (the hi Dollar) to minimize fees and maximize membership value, while making members the primary stakeholders of a simplified version of banking”.

Finance is pillar of any business to carry forward or to expand the business. But there are numerous financial complications that occur, in addition it can be a time consuming, complicated and risky process. What’s more is very few firms have exact idea of crypto and how it works. So hi concentrates on driving mass adoption of its crypto and fiat services, for which they educate and give pro knowledge and work with a motive of making financial transaction as easy as sending a text message. ‘hi’ is exploring by applying strict KYC measures to ensure compliance to regulations.

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