If the manager is not self-motivated, he can not motivate others. Self-motivation, or in other words, the ability to motivate oneself and accept tasks, is one of the personal characteristics of a successful manager.

. Honesty

Employees trust a successful manager because they believe in his or her honesty. A successful manager defends the rights of his employees, does not disobey the rules, adheres to what he says, and honesty is his baggage.

. Reliability

A successful manager must be trustworthy and his bosses and subordinates can count on him.

You need to be able to make your own decisions with confidence and show others that you are capable of making the right decisions. Your self-confidence is in the interest of those around you and is passed on to them subconsciously.

. Peace

A successful manager does not give up in the face of adversity, and the ability to stay calm in critical situations and take action is a characteristic of such a person.

. flexibility

A certain amount of flexibility is required for a manager to adapt to different situations.

Self-confidence means accepting that one has power and can rely on it to solve problems for oneself and one’s organization. This is not a fearful decision;

Decision-making power and calculated determination at work. Determination means that when it becomes clear to the manager that doing something is in the best interest of the organization, he should not hesitate to do it;

The secret to success for successful managers: They plan!

One of the main characteristics of successful management is having a plan to achieve the goals. If you want to be successful in advancing your organizational goals and seize opportunities, have consistent planning.


Distractions are everywhere. Commitment to goals and tasks requires focus. A successful manager is well aware of this and works hard to strengthen and improve the focus of the group. They try to focus the group on the bigger picture so that they can devote their time to tasks and avoid unnecessary tasks.

Lifelong learning

Successful managers know that in order to be successful, they must constantly update their information and skills, so they make decisions with confidence.

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