Reza Ramyar is one of the young and hard-working Iranian singers who, in addition to singing, also composes and writes songs. He was born in 1990 in Iran and lives in Tehran. Reza Ramyar has endured many hardships to reach the fame and position he has now, but he has never been disappointed due to his interest in singing.

Reza Ramyar started learning the piano in 2006, but because of his family’s opposition to his work in the field of music, he abandoned it and chose to study civil engineering. He started this field because of his father’s advice and to grow and progress in life, but during his studies, he still kept the love of singing alive in his heart.

One of the singers with whom Reza Ramyar has performed many times is called Shery M. The beginning of Shery M’s singing career was in a song with Reza Ramyar, which was called “Mane Ravani.” This song was released in 2014, and the lyrics of this song were written by Arash AP and arranged by Saeed Ansar. After this performance, these two singers were together again in different works and released beautiful songs according to the taste of the young generation, some of which were called “Mobtala,” “Bala Payin,” and “Ghole Alaki.”

Reza Ramyar is one of the young and well-mannered Iranian singers who, despite all the difficulties on his way, was able to achieve success and popularity in singing. Due to some religious beliefs, Reza Ramyar’s family did not consider music suitable for Reza Ramyar and encouraged him to study civil engineering. But since the style of Reza Ramyar’s life was generally artistic and he was very interested in music and singing, he could not give up music. Until he went to a singing class in his final year of study, and since then, he started releasing songs. Reza Ramyar has released beautiful songs and is very popular.

Reza Ramyar has become a household name in music. His popularity continues to grow along with a strong presence on streaming platforms like Spotify

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