The Founding Chief Executive Officer SamBoad Business Group Limited a Financial aid Services and business solution provider, Samuel Kwame Boadu, has expressed optimism about the future of his firm.

This follows recent announcements of their expansion into the food delivery services with Bolt Food and other media related contracts won by his firm. He said this in an interview he granted to Fox Interviewer.

Recounting the history of SamBoad, Samuel Kwame Boadu noted with emphasis that their story so far has not been without challenges but that at every stage, they were resolute in the pursuit and execution of their corporate strategy and this is what has largely accounted for their status as of now.

He admitted that there have been some challenges since the company’s inception. Key among the challenges is customer and investors perception.

Business and Entrepreneurship is an old age game, he said it’s known to be usually practiced by very old and mature people.

“When we started SamBoad, we were fairly young and it was difficult to get people persuaded that boys as young as us, could be trusted with people’s hard earned investments,” he said.

“We did not have any long history of work experience in courier or business as a whole nor had we inherited some huge capital to show. Hence inducing confidence in the investors was a herculean task. It was a difficult thing to get customers and investors to believe in us. Even competition wrote us off as they felt we did not have what it takes to run such a business.”

Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, SamBoad Business Group Limited is providing direct employment to about 250 people and serving a clientele base in excess of 20,000 clients through partnerships and acquisitions

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