Only a few months subsequent to releasing the Expert RAW camera application for Galaxy gadgets, Samsung is once again at it again with one more interesting photography application accessible in the Galaxy Store.

Named Galaxy Enhance-X, the application is portrayed just like a “one stop AI solution for all media enhancements” which examines your pictures for imperfections, upgrades them, and upscales the picture to a higher quality, all with the power of artificial intelligence.

Right now, the application can do these features:

blur removal
reflections removal
resolution upscaling
detail sharpening
brightening a low-light image
HDR effect improvement
moire pattern removal

Definitely, the application offers a seriously charming program of elements and functionalities. In fact, we’ve seen the vast majority of those in various outsider applications, similar to Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop Express, however having a first-party solution is generally perfect.

The best thing about the Galaxy Enhance-X application is that it’s fundamentally non-damaging to the original picture – all alters and improvements are applied to a duplicate of your picture. As other Galaxy Store-restrictive applications, this one probably won’t be accessible in certain regions. It’s additionally focusing on Android 10 phones, making it inaccessible for older gadgets.

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