Shark Namita Thapar has reacted to criticism after being criticised for “making faces” and being impolite to businessmen Dheeraj Bansal and Rahul Sachdeva on the first episode of Shark Tank India Season 2.

“Being a shark doesn’t mean we can’t have our own independent beliefs and speak openly, so if I don’t invest in a fellow shark’s competition, that’s me, no regrets. Likewise, if I call out toxic behaviour and don’t join the ignorant who praise people with a lack of integrity, that’s me:)” Who is the subject of the nasty comment? She tweeted on Tuesday, “Samajhdar ko ishara kaafi.”

Twitter users responded to Namita’s message right away. One person remarked, “Not investing in a start-up is not fair play, even if it is profitable more than your friend’s business. It appears that you are unwilling to promote emerging startups only out of self-interest. “Y’all had the worst reason to not invest in that brand; only Piyush was sensible there,” said one person. You guys are too diplomatic. Shark tank sans @Ashneer Grover is so crap. “Happy that audience opinion at least reached you all, you all don’t care that’s a different stance entirely as if we care!” exclaimed a third person.

This sparked social media users’ wrath. The sharks were perceived by viewers as being unfair. Some people were offended by Thapar and Aman’s actions while the owners of Recode were making their pitch. Aman and Thapar were perceived by some as “making faces” and “mocking” the pitchers’ inability to speak English fluently, respectively.

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