In the event that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, the GR 86 is the replacement to the GT 86, referred to just as the 86 in America. The model is eight years of age, beginning life under the Scion brand.

The replacement has been reputed for a long time, and for some time, it looked like Toyota and Subaru were going to plug.

In any case, the primary government operative photographs of a real model have been snapped by Instagrammer @kystify, who sent photographs and a short video to YouTuber Matt Marah.

The photographs were taken close to a Toyota R&D office in Michigan and show a disguised model, yet we realize 86 fans will see all the progressions in spite of this.

The styling is somewhat less difficult and flatter, vaguely suggestive of more established Lexus roadsters just as the 370Z for reasons unknown. The geometric states of the lights are conversely with the over-planned Toyota Supra.

On the off chance that the camo isn’t doing it for you, Toyota really made a see idea, the GRMN Sports FR, which by one way or another looks more like an advanced Supra… than the cutting edge Supra.

In spite of the fact that unconfirmed, specs are accessible from Japanese sources which have demonstrated dependable previously. While bits of gossip discussed Toyota utilizing a 2-liter turbo motor in this new vehicle, that is not what’s going on, at any rate not yet.

The GR 86 will be fueled by the FA24 four-cylinder, otherwise known as Subaru’s fresh out of the plastic new boxer motor.

This is accepted to control the cutting edge STI too, yet in the 86, it won’t have a turbo. The greatest yield will be 217 hp (22 PS), instead of 205 hp (207 PS) for the current model.

The full force will be 177 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm, rather than 151 lb-ft at 6,400 rpm in the current FA20-powered vehicle.

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